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GoDaddy Expired Domain Names Auctions, The Ultimate Guide

If you are reading this, you are probably somewhat familiar with the GoDaddy Auctions website and you are probably having some trouble, as there is not much material around that explains you how you can get a great expired domain for your website or even what a great domain is.

GoDaddy Auctions has a $5 yearly membership fee. You will need to pay this if you want to buy or sell Premium domains on its auctions. Premium domains are simply domains that are owned by someone and this person is trying to sell it anywhere from $5 to $100,000 or even more.

There is only one kind of domain you can buy here without a membership: the closeout domains (bargain bin). These are domains that are in the last 5 days of their lives just before deletion.

As this is an auction, you can bid on different domains. However most domains have zero or 1 bidder. If you win a domain at the expired domain auction, you will be surprised to see that in addition to the auction domain price you will also be charged a yearly domain renewal fee, which is not mentioned until you actually have pay for your domain. I consider this an underhanded sales tactic.

Also, you do not get told that even if you win the auction and pay for the domain, you will not be able to get your domain instantly. You will need to wait until the redemption period is over and the domain is released.

Also, the metrics that are provided are pretty scarce. You can see the bids, the age of the domain, the views (how many times the domain listing was viewed) and some traffic value that is probably not very reliable. It takes a lot more than that to buy quality expired domains. If you are planning to buy expired domains at GoDaddy Auctions, please read the guide here on how to buy expired domains, it will take the guesswork out of the process.

You can also see premium domains on the auction with highly inflated prices. The problem here is the same: with the metrics provided, you cannot make an informed decision if those domains are actually worth their price. What’s worse, you can buy the same quality domains, sometimes even better ones, far cheaper. This is also covered in the above book.

Earlier I bought a few expired domains just based on their age, without much success. I put in a lot of work to write content, etc., but the domains are not going to rank because of their age, DA or the content on them. It takes a lot more than that.

Note: This site was built on a deleted domain, using the correct research tools. See the details here. This way I didn’t need to pay an auction fee. I was able to register it on the registrar of my choice and I had it instantly and it seems to be doing much better because it was purchased based on metrics.

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