Why An Expired Domain

When you register a new domain, it starts from zero. If you build your site on an expired domain, it already has some internet presence, social media presence and backlinks. It is already known by Google and many times it is even indexed. You can build up traffic and profits faster. was built on a deleted domain. It goes back to 2006 and was functioning for years as a domain sales and buy/sell news website. The domain expired in December 2016. I re-registered the site in June 2017. The home page was still indexed in Google and it had about 50 backlinks.

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Find Your Niche

Niche Selection Pitfalls – How To Find A Killer Niche

Niche selection is the first and most vital decision you are forced to make for your business. If you mess this up, you can get the fanciest domain, your business will go nowhere. (more…)

domain names

Your Site To $5K – How To Register The Perfect Domain

So you want to start a site that will make you $5,000 a month? How do you find the perfect domain? (more…)

The “New Website” Traffic Formula

So you just spent your last three weeks setting up this beautiful site…

You did everything the big gurus told you to do… (more…)