Low Cost Traffic – Guide and Explanation

What is low-priced traffic?

The following article explains it and it is true of Fiverr traffic and also other traffic sources.

This article is about low priced human traffic. We are not talking about highly targeted, expensive traffic from Ad networks, FB Ads, Adwords etc.! The specs of these different types of traffic are – for obvious reasons – completely different! And so is their price

Low price traffic is not necessarily scam, fake, crap, script, bot, whatever. For sure there are sellers that rip off customers, and customers that want to be ripped off, but there is also the other side, there are the honest ones.

The global traffic market

Buying and selling traffic is one of the biggest markets in the online business, you can get from extremely cheap “synthetic” traffic to highly targeted, extremely expensive but mega effective human traffic, nearly everything you want. It’s your choice.

1. Synthetic, software generated traffic

As the name explains by itself, this traffic is not human. It is generated by software, bots, scripts etc. and normally uses proxy servers. Most of these “visits” are not tracked in statistic programs, e. g. Google Analytics

This is the cheapest traffic you can get, but it is still not a scam / fraud to offer it, for sure, as long as it is clearly indicated that it is this kind of traffic. If it is sold as “human”, then yes, then the seller has crossed the “red line”, he is not telling the truth.

Even if this traffic is definitely not worth much, and I don’t recommend it, it can make sense for a customer to buy it, all this depends on the goals he wants or has to reach.

2. Popups, popunders

This is one of the true human low price traffic products. Via this technique visitors are sent to the target webpage, they are human, there is no doubt about this. Depending on the customers webpage, his product, this traffic can generate conversions, lower the bounce rate, let time on page go up… and for sure, these visits are counted in the stats trackers.

Popup and popunder ads can give great results if your site is either a general interest or particularly eyecatching. You can also achieve good results by using targeted popup or popunder traffic. This is where the traffic provider delivers your ads on sites that are either similar to, or have the same demographic as, your site.

It is worth remembering the first impression a popup or popunder ad will give. Popup ads, for example, have a bad reputation as they can very often get in the way of what the site visitor is trying to do. It is very much „in your face” advertising, as the ads appear OVER the site they come from. Popunder ads, as the name suggests, appear under the site the come from and so are seen as less intrusive. I find that popunder ads give a better success rate than popup ads and I believe that this is because when a site visitor finishes what they are doing on the original site, their interest can be caught by an article, offer or image that is on the screen after closing the other window.

3. Traffic exchange

There is a really big range of offers. It is human. It is real. You can get from crap to surprisingly well converting traffic, nearly everything. If this traffic is “clean”, direct visits, for example, without any fake referrer, you can have results by investing only a few bucks. You can. But there is no guarantee for obvious reasons, and no Ad company on planet earth promises you conversions, as this is impossible…

The success depends a lot on your product, the quality it has, if its unique… The bigger your target group is, the more probable interactions, leads, sales are…

2 & 3 could be compared with the classical “distributing fliers in the street”. You do this “blind” as this traffic is often not interest targeted, and with some luck you will reach someone who is interested in your product / content, with bad luck you won‘t. But it is definitely worth a try.

Does low price traffic make sense? As most often in our life, there are “yes” and there are “no” answers. It all depends on your goals!

The YESes

If you have an interesting webpage, with unique content and you want to have more visitors: Yes try it!

If you want people that have never seen your page to come to it.

You want to make your webpage more popular, bearing in mind the specs this traffic has: Yes try it!

You want a better Alexa / whatever rank. Yes try it, it could work, depends a lot on many different factors, but keep in mind that every Alexa ranked site not in the top 100000, can move up or down quickly, like an elevator for several, metrics reasons (Check Alexa’s frequently asked questions).

For testing purposes. You want to see your server burning.

You “need numbers”, you have to present them: Your decision, you can have the numbers you want, no problem. But keep in mind: You can get in some way dependent, addicted, as the numbers only fit if you buy additional traffic again and again.

Any reason not related with “miracles”, is OK. There are for sure much more reasons why to buy low price human traffic, depending on “what you are doing there, in this crazy little thing called the internet”.

The NOs

You have created your first webpage in a few hours with some webpage kit, you copied content from somewhere about topics that are everywhere and published elsewhere in a much better way. You created good looking, but dirty crap: Nope!

You are a lazy guy, you created a webpage “how to get rich on the internet in 5 easy steps” and now you want to create, with low price human traffic, some kind of a virtual perpetual motion machine? Forget it: If this would work, traffic sellers would be mega-turbo millionaires and not selling traffic for 5 bucks.

You want to rip off people, selling your “sensational” finance, beauty, whatever product? That won’t work, man!

You have been ripped off by some weird pyramid scheme and now you want to try to get your money back by offering this crap to others? No way.

You want to defraud Adservers, by buying traffic, buying clicks and mix that up? Well: On the one hand this is highly criminal, on the other hand: Come on, who do you think you are? These Adserver guys are not stupid, they protect their customers for sure, and will at least kick you out, or – yes – maybe get a judgment against you. And that’s ok if they do that.

You think you invest $5 in low price human traffic and earn $10 with ads? Dream on, no way!

You want to generate revenues without content. Nope.

The fake referrer + keyword problem

Let’s start with an easy question:

Where does – e. g. – Google traffic come from?

It comes from Google! You got it!

As you conquered that challenge easily, here’s another one:

If Google traffic only can come from Google, how can there be Google traffic that obviously does not come from Google (or Facebook, or Yahoo, or Twitter or whatever)?

Well, something can’t be right about this.

How does this work?

This is mostly done for tracking purposes, to control campaigns, very often it absolutely makes sense.

If someone comes from Facebook, Twitter or via your Feed to your page, you can see this with the “strange”, long letters and numbers, added to the main link. E.g. „&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=Autumn+Newsletter&utm_content=logo+link”.

You can add there everything you want, if you know to use the syntax. You can add “My mother” as referrer and the search term “delicious chocolate cookies” and this is, exactly as you set it up, reflected in your stats.

But as you did it by yourself, you know that this is just a joke, worth nothing.

So if you can do that easily by yourself, it also can easily done by others for you.

Conclusion: a “my mother” referrer is not from your mother unless it really is your mother, clicking on your link. (Yes this is gaga, but that’s the way it goes).

How to get your Adsense account closed, 100% guaranteed?

You act from the beginning with bad faith, your “business concept” is “earning money by cheating”. As it is very easy to get an Adsense account, do you think it is as easy to rip them off?

Well for sure you are wrong, you have the whole intelligence and the massive server power of the number one Internet Ad company worldwide against you. But not just that, you also give them all the metrics they need to be sure that you are a cheater and your Adsense account has to be closed.

First you sign up to Adsense, Analytics and you submit your site to Webmaster tools. Now your page is 100 % under vigilant surveillance. You did this voluntarily.

And now you have the greatest idea ever:

You buy fake Google traffic, maybe you mix that up with bought clicks and tell Google that this traffic comes from them. For sure they know exactly that you are lying, and for sure they act immediately and close your Adsense account, logically, as you acted like a criminal.

And I have to tell you that this is 100% fair, as there are more honest people in this world than cheaters, and the honest ones have to be protected and the system itself has to be protected, if not, it breaks down.

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