Is Your DA Fake?

I realized that I cannot figure out my site’s DA (Domain Authority). Why?

The value provided by Moz is completely inaccurate.

Moz says,

The Mozscape index is still growing. Keep in mind that, while large, our index doesn’t cover the entire web. If you have a smaller or new site, it’s possible we haven’t crawled it yet. When we discover a new link, it’s added to our queue, but it can take 1-2 index updates before we actually crawl the page.”

“The reason that we don’t immediately crawl links we find during a crawl is because of scheduling. Any links the crawler sees must first go through the scheduler and be deemed important enough (we don’t want to spend time crawling spam or in honey traps). This means there may be a few days gap between seeing a link for the first time and when the link is actually crawled. Also, if a link is not in a high-ranking root domain (or in a root domain that has lots of links), then it may not even make the cut to be in the schedule.”

Let’s see the backlinks. This is from Moz:

And Google Search Console says my site has 60 backlinks.

SEO Spyglass also shows me a similar picture:

And finally, here is Majestic:

YexpD Majestic

Since DA is made up of the quality and number of the links pointing to the domain, it is easy to see that my site’s DA is completely incorrect. It has more than two backlinks and is not counting links from Quora, GoDaddy forums, etc.

Unfortunately Moz does its crawling based on its own scheduler, disregarding user data.

I keep seeing their pitch to sign up for Pro. My question is, would you sign up if you knew that the data of your own site is completely bozo?

I bet you wouldn’t. I am not trying to be critical, but Moz must be losing tons of money because of this.

Imagine that someone was trying to buy a deleted domain on real estate. Do you think I would answer, “Sorry, I only have my domains analyzed to letter f…” Hell no. I would put it on my immediate schedule to get the sale.

Putting their own scheduling in front of customer needs is a bad strategic decision. Even Google lets you upload your own sitemap and your site will get crawled in a few days.

If I was in the position of Moz, I would at least let my users upload the links to their site they know about, I would put it on the immediate crawl list and I would put it in the data base to attract customers.

Unfortunately DA is not the only metric that is incorrect, backlink counts of the different backlink checkers can by wildly different as well.

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