When you register a new domain, it starts from zero. If you build your site on an expired domain, it already has some internet presence, social media presence and backlinks. It is already known by Google and many times it is even indexed. You can build up traffic and profits faster. was built on a deleted domain. It goes back to 2006 and was functioning for years as a domain sales and buy/sell news website. The domain expired in December 2016. I re-registered the site in June 2017. The home page was still indexed in Google and it had about 50 backlinks.

We are a family business and we don’t just want to make a quick buck selling you a domain. You will find your dream domain at a fraction of the usual price and we will help you build a $5K website with lots of traffic.

What Is An Expired Domain?

Expired domains are domains that were never renewed. The original owner decided not to remain online.

After the expiration date the domain doesn’t get deleted immediately – there is an expiration process during which the domains are auctioned by the domain registration company, trying to cash in on their property. At this point individuals can bid on the domains and they can cost anywhere starting at $25 to being driven up to several hundreds or thousands of dollars.

In each case you bid for an expired domain, you need to wait till the end of the auction plus about another week to get your domain. If the original owner decides to renew the domain, he still has priority, in which case your payment gets refunded. The domain in this case retains its age.

What Is A Deleted Domain?

A deleted domain is a category of expired domains. The domain actually went through the entire expiration process, nobody purchased it and it is available for registration for anyone. If you register the domain, you will get it instantly and the age of the domain resets to zero. The cost of the domain is just the domain registration fee.

Domain Dropcatching is a service where a dropcatch company registers the domain for you the moment it is dropped. They usually charge $59-$79 for this service. If it is a hot domain, several people may be trying to get it. The best domains usually get snatched up by companies using advanced software and they resell these domains for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What Kind of Domains Do You Get from specializes in domains that were deleted and no one registered them again. There are still decent domains in the category that you can build a website on. This very website was built on a deleted domain. Your cost this way is significantly lower, you can get a several hundred dollar caliber domain starting at $35-40.

Why Build Your Site On An Expired Domain?

If you build your site on a brand new domain, you start with a clean slate. It’s actually too clean, you start from ZERO.

If you choose to build it on an expired or deleted domain, many times it is still indexed in Google. It has backlinks, it is mentioned all over the internet, it is mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It already has a certain level of recognition and you don’t have to start from absolute ZERO.

You can continue where the previous guy left off and you can get results faster. He already did the keyword research and came up with a catchy name, it is waiting for you to grab it. People can click on your URL when they find it on Facebook, YouTube, on popular forums, etc. This can even get you traffic.

Newly registered domains seem to have a sandbox effect, whereby link building doesn’t seem to have any effect. A newly registered deleted domain doesn’t need to go through the same, it can rank much faster. See how a keyword from my site is ranking on page 2, four weeks after putting up the site.

Did you know that 40,000 – 99,000 domain names expire daily? This means whatever niche you are in, there are hundreds or thousands of deleted domains available, therefore it is possible to find a domain that fits your needs and you will love.


  • We find brandable domains with existing backlinks.
  • On most domain auction sites, domains are listed by a software. At all our domains are handpicked.
  • We manually spam check every single domain we list for sale. We don’t sell domains that have spam links pointing to them.
  • We avoid domains that have been over-SEO’ed. This means we don’t sell domains that have thousands of backlinks to the home page only with the same keyword, as these get penalized by Google. We do have domains that have 50-100 backlinks only to the home page, as this can easily be fixed with additional link building.
  • On most domain auction sites you can only base your decision on the domain name, maybe the age. We provide you with metrics that help you decide the value of the domain.
  • We give you personalized service. (Please allow up to 12-36 hours for response, depending on traffic.)
  • If you have a problem with your domain purchase, we will help you resolve it.
  • We work with NameSilo, which means your domain will have the industry’s lowest renewal price and no-cost Whois protection for life. No one will mine your personal contact data from Whois and then spam you.
  • If you need another domain registrar, let us know.
  • In most cases you can have your domain the same day your payment is verified.

Domain Examples

I am now going to give you real life examples of how our service is different. These examples are not pre-selected, they were randomly taken from another website or my in-box.

I am not going to give you the names of the other services, as my purpose is not to paint a black picture of others. But I do encourage you to look up any auction site or domain mailing list and personally verify either the examples I show you or any domain of your choice. I will show you how.

This is from an email I got yesterday:


“These are the hottest auctions taking place now!

“Here are our hottest auctions ending soon:

Domain Current Bid $560 $186

Please download the free trial of SEO SpyGlass to verify, this is what I used. is a 4-letter domain, which usually has high value. It has 28 backlinks. But look at all these Chinese anchor texts:

All the anchor texts are in Chinese, and if you pull up the backlinks, you will see that they are all from actual Chinese websites and I wouldn’t pay $560 for a domain like this., the second item on the list, has 18 backlinks.


There is nothing particularly wrong with this domain. It is a real estate domain. As you can see, all the anchor texts say “Website” which can easily be fixed by adding more links. It costs $186, which is not a bad price for a two-word domain.

Now let’s head over to A very similar domain, is for sale for $3495. Here is the proof:


You can feed it into SEO SpyGlass, and you will see it has 128 real estate-related backlinks and it is in fact a great domain, but the price is quite high. Most people that start an internet business cannot afford to spend that much money on a domain.

Similar Picks From 

It took me 8 minutes to dig out the following domains, all great brandable domains:

Top100Realty – no backlinks

RainDanceRealty – 4 backlinks – 198 backlinks from 47 domains.


These domains are comparable to the ones listed on other sites. It is true they are 3-word domains, but this is not going to make a huge difference for the website you are about to start.

You can see that the previous owners did a great job picking a great brandable name. You could them between $35-$60.

And I will grab your keyword and search for a domain specifically for you.

I am a real person, you can always contact me through the contact form.

If you think that this is the kind of domain and service you need, submit your domain keywords and I will find great domains for you starting at $35.