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Should you Build a Private Blog Network on Expired Domains

What is a Private Blog Network?

It is a number of blogs that someone owns just for the sole purpose of linking to their money site and boosting its rankings.

In the earlier days the practice was to register a bunch of expired domains, put 5 pages of spinned content on them, then link hundreds of them to your money site.

Is this against Google’s guidelines?

It absolutely is.

Do people still do it? They absolutely do and many report it still works, just the rules of the game have changed.

You can’t put spammy spinned content on these blogs any more. You cannot link hundreds of them to your money site any more, otherwise they will get flagged.

The owners put them on different hosts, different IP addresses, register them under made-up names or Whois protection, etc. I am not going to go over all the dirty tricks.

I did read a blog where the owner, who owns about 2,000 of them, explains all the tricks and how he uses Virtual Assistants to run all his blogs like this through a Google Docs spreadsheet. Very advanced, lots of work, good profits.

Do I recommend this?

Not really.

There is always the possibility that Google will penalize your blog. They would all need to be able to pass a manual review.

One site is enough work, especially if you are a beginner. Running 20 sites is a lot more work.

If you are already building a second site and third one, you could just do the job all the way and make them into a full blown site. It took me one week to write all the content for this site.

If you need links from a 100 sites, why not jut do standard link building and get links from high DA sites? It is less work and less costly than maintaining 100 sites.

This is my take on it. If you have a different opinion, you can share it below and explain why…

Also I would like feedback if you tried this method and if it worked for you or it didn’t.

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