YourExpiredDomains.com Relaunched

What’s the point of expired domains?

Expired domains, deleted domains, or even just domain auctions could present an opportunity where you could buy a domain name with existing links, traffic, social media presence.

This could save you time and money and your business could start making money faster, as someone already did part of the work when they owned the domain.

However the subject also has pitfalls you need to be aware of and avoid. Not doing so can result in you spending valuable time and money on something that is not going to make you profits, or could even backfire.

Here are some of the questions that I faced when I started this site:

  • Is the domain name DomainNameService.co really worth a gigantic $15,000 as auctioned on GoDaddy?
  • Can you find profitable domains in closeout auctions?
  • How do you tell if the domain name has value or it was used for spam and hit by Panda/Penguin?

You need to be able to answer these questions before you buy any old domain.

How YourExpiredDomains.com came about

As I mentioned before, this very site was built on an expired domain, or more exactly speaking, on a deleted domain. Its history goes back to 2006. It was functioning for years as a domain sales and domain buy/sell news website, and it expired in December 2016. The deletion process usually takes a couple of months. I re-registered the site in June 2017.

I spent about 3 days researching the perfect domain name for a site like this. I  knew from the very beginning that something was wrong. I went through several auction sites and this is what I found (just a handful of all the domains listed on this subject):

greatexpireddomains.com:  $578, 1 backlink, DA:1/PA: 1

buyexpireddomains.com:  $15,000, 4 backlinks, DA:4/PA: 19

Expireddomainssearch.com: $1729, 0 backlinks, DA:1/PA: 1

Expireddomainsstore.com:  $229, 0 backlinks, DA:1/PA: 1

expireddomainname.com:  $2500, 0 backlinks, DA:1/PA: 1

expireddomainsniper.com:  $479, 0 backlinks, DA:1/PA: 1

expireddomain.net:  $4999, 0 backlinks, DA:1/PA: 1

As you can see, these prices are highly inflated, and most people who start an online business simply do not have that much money for a domain (I certainly didn’t).

I also looked at the quality of the premium domains. Some of them had a very spammy backlink profile and would have killed my new site, having paid thousands of dollars. Although I didn’t see anything wrong with most of the premium domains, they didn’t have any plus either – they were just keyword domains with zero backlinks.

The next thing I noticed – all these domains were being sold just based on their age, without metrics like backlinks, referring domains, DA. You basically have no idea what you are buying, it’s just a nice label for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

I cannot say that this domain, YourExpiredDomains.com is the greatest domain ever. It is a nice brandable keyword domain with about 50 backlinks. But it is somewhat better than the ones I mentioned above. How much did I pay for it? It cost me $8.99 with FREE Whois protection. And the fact that you are reading this shows that it is alive. It was still indexed by Google when I registered it, I filled it up with content and now it has 35 pages indexed.

What is YourExpiredDomains.com about?

YourExpiredDomains.com wants to provide a means to buy quality domains at an affordable price.

Our prices start at $10 per domain list and you can pick your own domain from hundreds of available domains for your keyword.

We want to help the people who are not tech-savvy to check the backlinks for themselves.

We provide a more personalized service so you don’t just deal with computer programs.

Tell us your keywords and we will find your domain. Just write a comment.

We manually research each domain, check it for spam and over-optimization.

We don’t just give you two numbers before you buy our premium domain. We provide data about the link structure of the domain.

Most of our domains are deleted domains. This means when they were re-registered, their age reset to zero. However the archive Whois records are still there and the backlinks are still there, and so are any mentions all over the internet. There are examples of now top ranking domains that were built on an expired domain: TopProducts.com and VeryWell.com.

What to do next

  1. Find out why you should build your site on an expired domain.
  2. Check out our expired domain name service.

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