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Do You Get Penalized for Using Exact Matched Domains?

There are mixed opinions on whether you should be using an exact match domain for your website.

What is an exact match domain (EMD)? It is a domain that has the keyword in it that you are trying to rank it for. E.g. this website is built on a sort of an exact match domain, yourexpireddomains.com, with the keyword “expired domains”.

A few years ago Google started to “crack down on EMDs”. The reason was that exact match domains built on long-tail keywords would rank high and would get a lot of traffic, however their content was substandard, to the point where sometimes it was spinned garbage loaded with Adsense. The result was that the customers of Google were not being directed to useful content.

There was a whole industry built on EMDs, as these were easy to rank. Such domains had high prices, as they could bring in high profits. They were the target of many spam SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing, spam link building, overoptimizing anchor texts.

The Truth About EMDs

Google is not really cracking down on exact match domains. Google is cracking down on spam and useless content. EMDs were only a manifestation of this. If you buy a domain and make it into a great site, your site will be ranked. Build your site from for your visitors, make sure they are extremely happy about your content and services.

If you do this, you will be able to rank your EMD with a lot less backlinks and work than other domains. Build your site with useless crap where your visitors just click for the close button and your site will disappear at the bottom of the Google ocean.

However if you build your website on an expired domain, please make sure your site is built on a clean domain, with no spammy backlinks from a previous user. Not doing so can also result in penalties. Google is looking for specific “footprints” of spam. Keep great content and value for your visitors in sight and you will be fine.

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