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Updated 19 October 2017 Re-updated 14 November 2017 Re-updated 18 January 2018 When I originally published this post, probably not many people saw it… The site is now 3.5 months old. It’s not an anniversary… (19 October 2017) But the reason I am updating it now is because 4-5 days ago something happened. To tell […]

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The Definitive Guide To Starting A New Blog And Making Money With It

Basic Blogging Questions 1.  What is your niche or passion? It’s common knowledge amongst the blogging community that you should always blog about something you know or something you’re passionate about.  I mostly agree with this…mostly.  If you never want to make money blogging then they’re right.  Just go on with your passion and forget […]

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  • August 5, 2017
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9 Vital Tips To Grow Your $5K Blog

This post will contain a lot of really great advice to help you grow your online assets into something huge, but that advice is also going to be conceptual rather than step-by-step.  Let’s jump right in: Your Website Niche Should Have Decent Profit Potential Most internet marketers would advise you to start a website about […]

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Low Cost Traffic – Guide and Explanation

What is low-priced traffic? The following article explains it and it is true of Fiverr traffic and also other traffic sources. This article is about low priced human traffic. We are not talking about highly targeted, expensive traffic from Ad networks, FB Ads, Adwords etc.! The specs of these different types of traffic are – […]

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Find Your Niche

How To Find Your Niche: Example & Resources

In this article I will walk you through some useful stuff regarding finding your niche. You may have heard of Tung Tran at CloudLiving. He lives in Vietnam, and he is famous for his $10K challenge: Building a profitable authority site from scratch that nets $10K per month. There is a great article on his site: […]

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