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I am offering here a done-for-you domain name research to find the perfect domain name for your website or business at an affordable cost.

Genuine BacklinksThe domains we find used to be genuine businesses and sites that have real links pointing to them.

Low Spam – We manually check every domain carefully to ensure only clean domains that haven’t been excessively spammed or over-SEO’d in the past.

  • Check anchor text for multiple off-subject links, porn, pharmaceuticals, poker, casino or foreign language
  • Check backlinks for signs of article spam or directory spam.
  • Review website in and see if the domain had content not related to the domain name
  • Check if the site was last redirected to a new site

Metrics – We provide the DA, PA, TF, CF, Majestic backlinks, SEO SPy backlinks.

Note: Please check out our article why Backlinks, DA and PA can be inaccurate.

Fast Purchase – You will own the domain within 24 hours.

Personal Service – Your needs are taken into consideration completely and you are helped by a real person.

Satisfaction Policy – This service is not refundable, but if you are unhappy with a domain for any legitimate reason we will be happy to work with you to your full satisfaction.

Resell any of these domains for hundreds or thousands of dollars!

You can get information about the benefits of building your site on an expired domain here.

How Buying Expired Domains Works mostly analyzes deleted domains and you can buy these domains. Submit your keywords here and we will research and manually spam check the domains that are available.

We will notify you when this is done, along with the relevant metrics and method of payment. As this is done manually, you will most probably be contacted through email within 24 hours.

We will give you 2-3 options for your domain name. You will receive the domain profiles with approximate keywords, metrics and a short analysis are posted, but we will only tell you the actual domain name once payment is made.

The payment covers the cost of analyzing and revealing the domain name to you, plus the domain’s registration fee. The price varies between $30-$150, depending on the quality of the domain.

If you are interested in any of our already listed domains, contact us through our contact form.

Approximate Pricing

A simple keyword domain name with no backlinks costs around $35, including renewal, a similar value to a GoDaddy auction price.

A keyword domain name around 50 backlinks costs around $50, including registration fee.

Higher quality domains may have their price displayed next to them.

After your payment is received, the domain will be pushed to your NameSilo account within approximately 24 hours. (Push means an internal transfer within the domain registrar to a different account.) You will need to provide your NameSilo user ID (not password) and your email on file with NameSilo needs to be a verified e-mail.

(We work with NameSilo, as it has a very low low domain registration price with FREE Whois protection for life. You also have the option to list your domain for auction right from your control panel and their auction fees are the lowest in the industry.)

If you want to register your domain with a different registrar, let us know.

Personal Service

We believe that selling expired domains does not need to be a wholesale activity where you just go through hundreds of domains on your own and pick the ones you need without guidance. Many people don’t have this level of knowledge and this website is for those.

We want to provide a more personalized service tailored to your needs, so that you can get a great domain even if you are not that domain savvy and if you are on a tighter budget.

We always provide the auction prices for similar domains for reference, so that you can see how much you are saving.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that a great domain by itself is not a guarantee that your site will rank and this is not something that can be measured in advance. Your actions after purchase will determine the final result. A great domain will give you a headstart, but you will still need great content, link building, website promotion, a great sales funnel and great products to succeed.

Therefore we do not provide refunds on this service. However we will always work with you until you are fully satisfied with the service received.

Click below to see a sample of domains.

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