domain lifecycle

The Domain Name Expiration Process

Domain Expiry – What happens when a domain expires? Once someone decides to discontinue a website, there are still several months before the domain registration expires. Usually five days after the domain name expires, DNS servers of the domain name will be changed & all services associated with the domain name (website, emails) will stop […]

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money growth

How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your $5K Site

Monetizing your website is where your profits will come from. There are several different ways you can do this. You could have your own physical products to sell, as in a store You could sell information products, e-books, software, etc. You could collect affiliate commissions Different affiliate programs follow different models. Cost Per Action (CPA) […]

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Website code

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Note: The post that was at this URL originally was moved: >> How To Buy Expired Domains With Backlinks << So You Want To Buy Expired Domains… To find a good domain name is very difficult as most of the best names have already been taken. You may have to search for hours and you […]

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domain puzzle

Buy An Expired Domain – Beat The Competition

Many SEO specialists understand the overall importance of domains in capturing a large part of the market – which is why many of them buy expired domains as an investment or for their personal business success. But what exactly can this do for you? What Are Expired Domains? Essentially, expired domains are domains that were […]

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